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Quotes I have been doing therapeutic yoga with Amy for a year. I have fibromyalgia and have had several issues with medication interactions over the past year. Amy does an amazing job of assessing each individual in her classes, hearing their needs and customizing a class tailored to meet those needs. I always feel like the class I attend is designed for me: I hear something I need to hear, I move a part of my body that needs moving and I focus again on that which needs focusing. Amy is an honest, intelligent teacher with a strong voice. She is intuitive, open-natured and is a fantastic leader. Amy loves what she does and it is reflected in how she runs her classes. She values her practice, her family, her friends and her commitment to learning and growing. Quotes
Deb M.
My Pathway to Healing

Quotes I met Amy through a friend and have been practicing yoga with her for 2 years. Every week, after "checking in" with each of us, she leads us through varied physical poses while guiding our minds to stay present and focused. She has a genuine interest in her students and strives to tailor each class for the benefit of our minds and bodies that particular day. I feel safe and supported during each session, even on days when my body is feeling unsure of itself. I leave relaxed, calm and renewed. Quotes

Quotes Amy has been my yoga instructor since I started practicing about 6 years ago. After each practice I feel balanced, stretched and calmed. Amy listens to what I want out of my practice for the day and adjusts classes to fit the groups needs. Her calming voice and gentle reminders help make each class special and rewarding. Every class is different, challenging and, the best part, relaxing! Thank you Amy! Quotes

Quotes Amy's therapeutic class is helping me to correct body mechanics deficiencies of a lifetime. She has endless ways to focus on a yoga pose according to one's need at the time. She is never judgemental and never encourages one to push beyond their safe limit. The entire class keeps me in the moment which maximizes my learning while freeing my mind from its usual mental gymnastics. It also helps my daily practice from becoming stale. Her students are amazing people who insist on getting the most from life. Quotes
Laurie Dumouchel
Advocate For Less Pain

Quotes Amy is truly a healer for me. She has been able to help me with all my pains. I have MS and she has helped me to strengthen my body and my mind in order to deal with day to day stress. Thank you Amy Quotes

Quotes I was experiencing a very debilitating lower back issue. I was receiving treatment by my chiropractor who highly recommended I work with Amy in Amy's Therapeutic Yoga class. It has been the most wonderful experience not only assisting with the healing of my lower back issue but moving my body forward with increased flexibility and strength. Quotes
Extremely Satisfied!

Quotes I have practiced Therapeutic Yoga with Amy for many years now, and I really enjoy her company, and teaching techniques. She listens to all my aches and pains, then customizes the practice based on areas that need strength and support, or areas that need gentle restoration. She has many ideas to help find alternative movements if something is particularly difficult for me, and has a natural intuition when working with students. I never stop learning when I'm in her class, and I find my entire week goes so much better when I have practiced with Amy! Quotes
Yoga student for life